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We believe in the church is a life-enriching community so Life Group is an opportunity for our members to fellowship during the week and share the Word of God through worship, pray for one another and learn Bible study. We have four Life Group in four location  around Chicago area.


Our Children’s Ministries provides Sunday school and special classes that support our Children grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

City Life Group

City Life Group serves the members located in the city of Chicago and meets every Thursday night.

Northshore Life Group

Northshore Life Group serves the members in the northern suburbs and meets every Friday night.

Children's Ministry

Sunday school serves toddlers, grade school and teen classes during service. There are also special classes after lunch for children to sign up for learning music, cooking, or science.

Men Life Group

Men's Life Group serves the male members of the church and meets every Wednesday night via conference call.

Senior Life Group

Senior Life Group serves the members that are more later in life. It meets every Sunday after lunch.

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